A Christmas Quodlibet 2007 Organ solo
A Light Fantastic Round 2004 String Orchestra
And One for Mahler 2009 Solo Flute, French Horn and String Quartet
And the Angel Said 1996 SSA Choir and Orchestra (or Piano)
Angels' Voices 2005 SSA Choir and Orchestra (or Piano)
Aquam Refectionis 2017 SATB Choir and Organ $2.00
At Water's Edge 2016 String Orchestra
Bolero [Ravel Arrangement] 2016 Four Organists (Two Consoles) with Opt. Perc.
Canadian Shield 2001 Full Orchestra
Cathedral Architecture [Orchestra Version] 2012 Organ and Orchestra
Cathedral Architecture [Piano Version] 2016 Organ and Piano
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue 1996 SSA, a cappella
Dance 1992 Organ (solo) $10.00
Departure Point 1994 Organ (solo)
Everything Waits for the Lilacs 1996 Piano $13.00
Flanders Fields Reflections 2006 String Orchestra
Forgotten Dreams 1992 Flute and String Orchestra
Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag [Large Romantic-sized orchestra] 2017 Full Orchestra
Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag [Standard-sized Orchestra] 2017 Full Orchestra
Four Violin Concerto 2009 Four Solo Violins and Full Orchestra
Indian Summer 2007 SATB (div.) a cappella chorus
Lord of the Dance 1993 Organ
Mata Hari 2017 Soprano and Male Pianist (Acting)
Matins 2000 SATB Choir and Piano
Missa Brevis du Banquet céleste 2008 SSAATTBB Choir (a cappella) $5.00
Noel 2005 SSAA and Tubular Bells, Piano and/or Organ
Nun Danket 1993 Organ
One Last Night with Mata Hari 2017 Soprano and Male Pianist (Acting)
One Sail [Organ Version] 1997 Cello and Organ
One Sail [String Orchestra Version] 1993 Cello and String Orchestra
Oscillations 2015 Piano Solo
Parking an Octatonic Truck 2013 Piano Solo (Advanced Elementary to Intermediate Level) $17.00
Pas de Deux 2011 Violin and Cello
Piano Concerto No. 1 1991 Piano and Full Orchestra
Piano Quartet 2012 Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello
Piano Reflections 2016 Piano solo $19.00
Prelude and Toccata No. 1 2016 Organ
Prelude Variations 2010 Piano and Orchestra
Preludes [24 for solo piano] 2015 Piano Solo
Rocky Mountain Overture [Brass Band] 1997 Brass Band
Rocky Mountain Overture [Orchestra] 1996 Full Orchestra
Saint Peter's Sonata 1996 Organ solo (with optional choir for Mvt. 2)
Simple Songs 1998 SSA Choir and Orchestra (or Piano Duet)
Sinfonia Antiqua 2001 String Orchestra
Snowdrift 1996 Full Orchestra
Sonata Breve No. 1 [Piano Solo] 1993 Piano Solo
Sonata Breve No. 2 [Clarinet and Piano] 1995 Clarinet (B flat) and Piano
Sonata Breve No. 3 [Flute and Piano] 1999 Flute and Piano
Sonata Breve No. 4 [Oboe and Piano] 2006 Oboe and Piano
String Quartet No. 1 2010 String Quartet
String Theory [Cello/Piano Version] 2011 Cello and Piano
String Theory [Viola/Piano Version] 2011 Viola and Piano
String Theory [Violin/Piano version] 2011 Violin and Piano
Sunblue 1986 SSAATTBB Choir
Symphony No. 1 [The Clarion] 1997 Full Orchstra
The Auction 2012 Seven Singers, Six Instrumentalists, Dancers
The Blues of a Chagall Window 2002 Alto Saxophone and Organ
The Canadian Shield 2001 Full Orchestra
The Mata Hari Suite 2017 Piano Solo [Advanced] $19.00
The Wind 2012 SA Choir and Piano (with optional wind chimes) $1.50
Trumpet Concerto 2002 Full Orchestra
Twenty-Four Preludes - Piano Solo 2015 Piano Solo $39.00
Twitter Etudes No. 1 [Violin] 2016 Violin (solo)
Twitter Etudes No. 2 [Oboe] 2017 Oboe (solo)
Two Chorale Preludes 1993 Organ $12.00
Upper Canada Fiddle Suite 1996 String Orchestra