Welcome to Canadian composer John Burge’s website. This website was begun in 2015 by John Burge as a means of creating a central repository for finding information about his compositions and music-related activities.

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Like many Canadian composers of classical music, the best place to find most of John Burge's music is at the Canadian Music Centre but many non-Canadians are unfamiliar with this wonderful organization. Equally though, a number of Burge’s compositions are published by such companies as Boosey and Hawkes and Santa Barbara Music Publishers and it is certainly helpful to have all the pertinent information available at one website with appropriate links as required. Recently as well, John Burge has joined the Red Leaf Pianoworks collective of composers and all his piano music will eventually be sold through this collective and on this website as well. Finally, a number of his choral compositions are unpublished or the publishing company has ceased operations and the copyright has reverted back to the composer. As it is quite common these days in the choral music world to sell a photocopy license to choirs to make their own copies in-house and thereby save on shipping costs, it will be possible to purchase a site license for many Burge's choral compositions from this website as well.

An additional advantage to this website is the opportunity to describe some of the other musical endeavours that increasingly seem to occupy more of Burge’s time.  While his teaching career as a full professor at Queen’s University extends back to 1987, his love of working with students and young musicians is also exemplified in the numerous music festivals at which he adjudicates piano and composition classes (often returning for repeat visits every few years to the same festival).  Although he is somewhat selective, he also tries to take on a few talented private composition and theory students through the Queen’s University Community Music.  While time is always precious, he still tries to fit in the occasional solo piano recital of his own music often in a lecture or demonstration format.  More information about these kinds of activities can be found on the sidebar to the left.

Websites are probably never really completed but in this case, it will definitely take some time to add older works while staying on top of current and developing projects.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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