Instrumental Music

This page provides a quick list of all the instrumental works that are found on this website, organized into categories based on the number of instruments.  Every title connects to the full description of the work with complete information concerning instrumentation, commissioner, premiere date, duration, number of movements, program note, where to obtain the score and sample PDFs and MP3s where available.  It is also possible to search for music using the database filter set up in "Works".

Piano Music (solo):
  • Everything Waits for the Lilacs [Red Leaf Pianoworks]
  • Parking an Octatonic Truck [Red Leaf Pianoworks] - including: A Gentle Waltz, Playing with Prisms, High Fives, Lonely, Building Blocks, Johann Phones Dmitri, Parking an Octatonic Truck, Dodge Ball, Dancing Scales (RCM Grade 6 Etude) and Cluster Blues (RCM Grade 8 List D)
  • Piano Reflections [Red Leaf Pianoworks] - including: Prelude to a Prelude, Tag, Variations on a Simple Theme, Pastels, One-Note Ostinato, Dancing Arpeggios, O Canada and Oscillations
  • Sonata Breve No. 1 (1A or 1B)
  • Twenty-four Preludes [Red Leaf Pianoworks]
Organ Music [solo]:
Organ Music [with other instruments]:
Solo Violin Music:
String Chamber Music:
Strings Chamber Music with Piano:
String Orchestra Music:
Solo Woodwing Music:
Woodwind Music [with piano]:
Orchestral Scores: