Below is a collection of videos of John Burge's compositions:

The Japanese String Orchestra, Musica 14.8, led by Etsuko Kimura, has recently posted a wonderful video of a live performance all three movements of Upper Canada Fiddle Suite that was taken from a performance in Kyoto, Japan on July 27, 2017.  Etsuko also lives and performs in Toronto and played with Sinfonia Toronto in the CD recording that ensemble made of the work.

The National Youth Orchestra of Canada, Jonathan Darlington, conducting, performing John Burge's Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag at Maison symphonique, Montreal, July 23, 2017. The four movements are ordered: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Joshn Lyon, a talented Kingston videographer, filmed an archival copy of the cabaret/musical, One Last Night with Mata Hari [Book/lyrics by Craig Walker; Music by John Burge] from the premiere production in Kingston 2017. Using some of this footage, Josh created a 9-minute trailer that provides a good overview of the show and the talents of Patricia O'Callaghan and Gregory Oh.


Cathedral Architecture exists in three versions: organ and brass band; organ and orchestra; organ and piano.  This last version was written specifically for Duo Majoya, Marnie Giesbrecht, organ, and Joachim Segger, piano, who gave a wonderful premiere performance of the piece at West End Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton, AB on November 4, 2016.  Note that the work is in five movements.

A parent of one of the students in the Music at Port Milford Summer School String Orchestra posted this video of the premiere performance of At Water's Edge, August 7, 2016, on YouTube [what might be missing in tuning is made up for with energy]:

Mathew Walton performed the complete set of John Burge's Twenty-Four Preludes as part of his DMA requirements on Sept. 11, 2016 at the University of Alberta:

Oscillations is the last piece in the collection Piano Reflections for solo piano.  This video was made of the composer playing the piece, recorded at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, Queen's University, Feb. 2016:

Study in Poetry No. 6 - Escape Velocity, was given a sparkling performance by the very talented  Anatasia Rizikov, while stil in her teens, as part of the 2013 Debut Atlantic Tour in Halifax, September, 2013.